Chicken Tortilla Soup


2-IMG_6701I wrote a guest blog for Rock City Eats, available here, on making soup last week for a soldier who is very dear to my family, on the eve of his departure for the other side of the world. Our rambunctious dog Kai (pictured above getting one last hug) wasn’t the only one having a hard time letting go.

A sailor we know and love heads to his new station in the Mediterranean soon, if he’s not there already.

A Marine whose family is like an extension of my own will be posted in southwest Asia by spring.

It is a time of movement and change, of risk and reward, of duty and honor, of actions and consequences. We’ve always been faithful watchers of the national evening news, but now it’s personal. Wishing these young men and all American soldiers around the world success, safety, and a swift return home. Godspeed.

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