Apron Love



Proudly wearing my new Hedley & Bennett apron, straight out of the package delivered yesterday by FedEx. Can an apron be worth $85.00? It can, if

  1. You wear one every day.
  2. The quality of fabric and construction is superb and includes bar tacks at pocket corners, fusible interlining sewn in the hem to keep it from rolling, and a nice weight of canvas for the body of the garment.
  3. The neck straps are sturdy and not inclined to saw at a cook’s cervical vertebra.
  4. It’s made in America (Los Angeles, in this case).
  5. Color, color, color. I prefer a black apron, but if I suddenly developed a hankering for one in a shade of rhubarb or cider or oolong tea or tomato, Hedley & Bennett could fix me up.

I plan to put my new apron through its paces today. Will let you know how it does dusted with flour, spotted with bacon grease, and damp from having wet hands wiped down its front. I might even cook in it.

Check out Hedley & Bennett’s web site by clicking here.

In case you were wondering, yes, I bought my own aprons with my own money at full retail value (minus that nice 10% discount for being a new customer). No goods or services were exchanged for this blog post. We operate with the utmost integrity here at Cookbook Wall headquarters, and any palms getting greased are probably in the process of adding softened butter to the mixing bowl. However, if you need a writer with three companions to check out the food scene in Paris or London, we could come to a mutually happy arrangement.

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  1. S says:

    Suitcases can be ready at a moment’s notice! J will be sure passports are up to date… These aprons look great, keep me posted on how they hold up in your kitchen/life!

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