Thanksgiving 2015



I’m in that sweet spot of holiday mayhem: done with the cooking, happy with the memories made, and giving the evil eye to the odd ceramic dish or two that still must be handwashed.

The leftovers got tossed today. I’d make everything again, except with less rum in the pumpkin pie and more cayenne in the roasted sweet potatoes.

There was anticipation…


…and freshly-made sage salt for the turkey legs…


…and plenty of everything.


Three of the folks at our table went to Afghanistan and back this year in military service to our country, making our Thanksgiving gathering more fulsome and sweet. We are genuinely thanks-filled for the gifts of life, love, and friendship.

The day after Thanksgiving was spent in a house in the woods with people we love. When your friend offers you good gumbo, the only appropriate response is, “Yes, please.”


My lunch on Saturday was a rehash of repasts. I can say with authority that THIS is the best recipe for pimento cheese ever. (Thanks, cousin R.) Also, that some sparkling wines retain their effervescence even after being stored two days in the fridge, uncapped. (What great luck!)


Life is good.

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  1. S. says:

    Love this post – beautiful Thanksgiving table. It was great having you guys with us for gumbo night! Nick looks worried that we aren’t going to leave him any!

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