Dinner Music 1


I cook to the sound of Lester Holt announcing the national news on NBC. I keep one eye on the little TV on my kitchen counter and one eye on whatever I’m chopping. After, there is always music to dine by. Good music and good food naturally go together. It’s always the best part of the day for me and my husband.

Here’s what’s playing on my iPod this week. You might like it, too.

“I,” by Niia

Album released May 5, 2017, by Atlantic Recording Corporation (U.S.)

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  1. Sissy says:

    So true – good music, good food and a little wine thrown in for good measure is always the perfect end to a long day!

  2. cookbookwall says:

    Absolutely. Best is when S and J are part of the mix, too!

  3. Carolyn Brodie says:

    I read the article about your cookbook collection in today’s Arkansas Democrat Gazette. I wondered if you knew about the used book sales at the main library of the Central Arkansas Library System (CALS) on Rock Street in Little Rock? They are he’d three times a year and then next one is in March. I’m a Friends volunteer. There is a great cookbook collection with $1 hardbacks and 50 cent paperbacks.

    1. cookbookwall says:

      Hi, Carolyn. The main library’s used book sales are where all of my cookbook culls get donated (through the Sanders branch). My bookcases would be overrun even more than they are now without them! I haven’t attended in a long time, though. I’ll try to make the one in March. Thanks for reminding me!

  4. Carolyn Brodie says:

    Forgot to include the web page. https://www.cals.org/focal/book-sales.aspx

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