Meyer Lemon Curd

The petite woman knocking gently on the door of ER bay 17 last Wednesday opened it slightly and poked her head through. “May I come in?” she said softly. Everyone else had rapped loudly and bustled in and out. I nodded and moved to make room for her near the gurney where my father lay….


Time to tidy up around here. I’ve got some disparate thoughts, photos, and experiences to collate and/or discard. Thank you to The Minimalists. Your philosophies are slowly affecting every aspect of my life. ♦ ♦ ♦ Happy birthday, little blog. Cookbook Wall turned three years old last week. If you’re a regular reader, thanks for…

Clint’s Mustard

25-Across: I got that one right. Our ailing Lhasa Apso had a vet appointment on Friday morning. I slept poorly the night before, finally falling into a chasm of vivid dreams just before dawn. I awoke with only a little time to brush teeth and dress before Macy and I had to leave the house….