Raves and Faves 5

Here's the story. Macy the Lhasa loves new toys. Except this long-legged monkey, for some reason. That is, until Bruiser the Chihuahua decided it was terribly fun. Now Macy is reconsidering.
Macy the Lhasa loves new toys, but when I brought this long-legged monkey home for her, for some reason she was not interested.  Then Bruiser the Chihuahua decided it was great fun. Macy reconsidered, too late. Exasperation ensued.

Blogs I love:

Planting Dandelions (Kyran is a local girl done good – via Newfoundland, that is, so far away that my search on Mapquest for the number of miles between Little Rock and Newfoundland came back completely scrambled. Basically, however, it’s closer to London than Little Rock. London is my criterion for civilization.)

A Cup of Jo (Thanks, S!)

Alexis Stewart (She hasn’t posted since December 2012, but I hold out hope that she’ll be back. Her backdated posts are still really useful and fascinating. Yes, she’s Martha’s daughter, and she’s interesting in her own right.)


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