Raves and Faves 19


The riot of color in this voluptuous bouquet from my Valentine, via About Vase in Little Rock

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This quote, transcribed on an index card and tacked to the bulletin board in my home office, where I can see it any time a new catalog from Williams-Sonoma tempts me to go online and put stuff in a shopping cart:

Possessions are a way of turning money into problems.

– Brian Eno, musician and producer, interviewed by the Wall Street Journal (11-15-2009)

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The Singin' Cowboy
The Singin’ Cowboy

“Singin’ Cowboy” Clay Self, entertaining with wit and talent (no vulgarities; what a novel idea!) from his fishing boat seat onstage at the Buzzard Bar at Big Cedar Lodge, a resort in the Ozark hills just outside of Branson, Missouri. His show was a great way to finish off a fine evening.

Not fine: accidentally locking myself in the dark, windowless toilet room of our cabin. (Water closet sounds pretentious; bathroom isn’t accurate.) Couldn’t find the light, couldn’t see the tiny tab that engaged the lock, couldn’t pound on the door loudly enough to be heard by others for about five minutes. For those of us who have always been afraid of the dark, five minutes is a very looooooooong time.

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Valentine’s Day dinner at home with friends. There’s a whole lot of emphasis placed on dining out on this day, resulting in long waits for restaurant tables and overcooked expectations. Enjoying grilled steaks for four at home, however, was relaxed and perfect.

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Speaking of relaxed…


I love it when a dog feels secure enough to go belly-up for a nap.

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I’ve been waiting all of my cookbook-loving life for the app Eat Your Books. So far, I’ve cataloged four shelves-worth of volumes, or 161 cookbooks, since downloading this app onto my iPad last week. There are many shelves to go. In the meantime, Eat Your Books gives me access to the index of any of these cookbooks (or food magazines) by recipe name, ingredient, author, or book title, along with even more defining filters. Voilà, a list of recipes in my possession that fit the parameters of my search! Cost is $2.50 per month or $25.00 per year. If you have a lot of cookbooks or other recipe sources, this app will change your cooking life.

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The many-petaled Ranunculus. Ridiculously beautiful.

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As always, no goods, services, or money were exchanged for mentions on this blog, although my friend S did bring a delicious appetizer and a gift of vodka to our Valentine’s Day dinner.

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