Halloween 2014 Wrap-Up

Halloween is a Big Deal in my neighborhood. I bought 30 pounds of chocolate candy last week and prayed it would be enough for an expected 350-400 trick-or-treaters. And I prayed harder as temptation caused the chocoholics in my household (in other words, everybody) to dip into the supply again and again. Pretty soon, 27 pounds would have to be enough.

In years past, we’ve set up a dining table and chairs in the front yard and enjoyed a fine dinner under the stars while doling out treats to the parade of princesses and super heroes. Cold, brisk winds dashed that plan last year. This Halloween, the candy was handed out first. Three and a half hours later, supplies ran out, and dinner was ready inside.

Here’s a view of proceedings…

10-IMG_6216-001Carved pumpkins are a must. These were done the night before.

01-IMG_6303Some of the ghouls haunting our streets were exceptionally memorable.

03-IMG_6298On the menu: Filets mignon, twice-baked potatoes, steamed green beans, and roasted root vegetables.

11-IMG_6285-001Around the Halloween table, diners form an eclectic mix.

02-IMG_6261-002Pièce de résistance: Murdered Cupcakes for dessert.

(Psst! You’d never know by its tender, chocolatey taste that a gluten-free cupcake sits under all that frosting and blood, aka strained cherry preserves. The cupcakes were adapted from a recipe for chocolate layer cake in The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook by America’s Test Kitchen.)

04-IMG_6297-001Boo! Until next year….

05-IMG_6296-001My sweet hubby. Such a softie!

(Ghoul & chihuahua photos by Hannah Hale.)

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  1. S says:

    Love this! Those murdered cupcakes are so creepy – where did you find the little knife decorations? Costumes are great, Butch (yikes) and you ( great look, different from the green witch of years past, which was also great). Let the holidays begin!

    1. cookbookwall says:

      Those little butcher knives were cake decorations made by Wilton for Halloween baking, and I found them in the Halloween aisle at Kroger. Wish I could count on them being offered every October! Really did NOT miss washing that green makeup out of my ears this year…

  2. GAH I love the cupcakes! I’m gluten free too…..would love the recipe. Who in your family is GF?

  3. cookbookwall says:

    You may already have the recipe, Christie. It’s adapted from the Chocolate Layer Cake on page 289 of The How Can It Be Gluten Free Cookbook, by America’s Test Kitchen. If you have to eat GF, this is the cookbook you need! From this book I have made and loved cornbread (pg 191), pumpkin bread (pg 53), waffles (pg 43), and carrot sheet cake (pg 297). Worth special mention are the cheese bread rolls (pg 209), which are just like what are served and so popular at Cafe Bossa Nova in Little Rock. I wasn’t so crazy about the book’s biscuits, so I’m still looking for a good GF representation of that. Jenna is our only family member who must be GF. When I find recipes that taste good to all of us, regardless of gluten content, I’m happy!

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